Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hello Ladies Mish here I want to share with you my mixed media canvas's I created with my Mixed media add on and my June kit Ray of Magic.......I love how they turned out and I hope you agree that I did Miss EK justice!!!!!    


Plain canvas - I amde from the mixed media kit
using the black cardboard and canvas piece.
Adhesive - I used PVA, and Helmar 450.
Mod Podge
mists, sprays, paints and inks

For this canvas I took a my home made  canvas, and gesso'd it even though it had been done already.

then I started to place my embellishiments, putting them where I wanted them and glueing them down.
I used
Flying Unicorn Adornments - youll find them in the FUL store
modelling paste
lace and trim - from the June kit and from the FUL store...

Once you have all the embellies where you want them glue them down and gesso everything!!!!!
so much fun I love getting gesso everywhere!!!!!
then leave to dry, completely! 1 hour or so in full sun!

then its time for the extra fun part, the mists, sprays and inks!!!!!! grubby work, but someone has to do it!
Lindys flat fabio inks and firework mists - all from the FUL store
Dylusions inks - from the FUL store

When your spraying with your mists and inks, dont worry if it looks faint, I thought Id ruined it, it was so light
as it dried.....but Once your inks dry and you paint on a final layer of Mod Podge, over every inch, your colours will come alive!!!!!! I even sprintzed inks and mists over the mod podge as it the colour extra umph!!!!!

Then after i finished my Unicorn Garden I thought hmmmmmm Miss EK, havent scrapped her for a while
so got out a gorgeous steampunky photo Jen had sent me and gave her the FUL Mixed media treatment!!!!!!

isnt she CUTE!!!!!!!!!

I certanly hope you all give this a try, its easy, messy and so much fun!!!!!!!!

Laugh, hug smile and do something crazy everyday
See you round the scrappy table!!!!!


  1. I SO love this canvas!Beautiful colors!

  2. wonderful!!!!! I love all the color!