Sunday, 30 June 2013



Now for a couple of mine
The first one os of my little Girl Bella....
I used the gorgeous kaiser papers, and embellies from the kit
and added a piece of lace from a previous kit

My OTP is a gift, so made it to specifications,
I used the beautful blue toned embellies and flowers from the kit
to produce a album for a surfy girl!

as you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE tags and ATC's
so here are a few that I made using the gorgeous embellies
and papers from the kit.....
I so love the little sparrows!

This next tag I used a little set of chippy gates, and gave it a secret garden type feel!

The OTP project is using the MDF fence pailing set from Kaiser and the beautiful papers
in my FUL kit.....this is going straight on the wall.

Here is a Tim Holtz clock I received as a gift, so I made a little garden
with a sparrow and her nest!

and  a couple more tags.....

and here are a couple of ATC's and one last tag.

I hope I have inspired some of you and I hope that you go get yourself a kit fast, they sell out fairly quickly
and you wont want to miss out!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hello Ladies Mish here I want to share with you my mixed media canvas's I created with my Mixed media add on and my June kit Ray of Magic.......I love how they turned out and I hope you agree that I did Miss EK justice!!!!!    


Plain canvas - I amde from the mixed media kit
using the black cardboard and canvas piece.
Adhesive - I used PVA, and Helmar 450.
Mod Podge
mists, sprays, paints and inks

For this canvas I took a my home made  canvas, and gesso'd it even though it had been done already.

then I started to place my embellishiments, putting them where I wanted them and glueing them down.
I used
Flying Unicorn Adornments - youll find them in the FUL store
modelling paste
lace and trim - from the June kit and from the FUL store...

Once you have all the embellies where you want them glue them down and gesso everything!!!!!
so much fun I love getting gesso everywhere!!!!!
then leave to dry, completely! 1 hour or so in full sun!

then its time for the extra fun part, the mists, sprays and inks!!!!!! grubby work, but someone has to do it!
Lindys flat fabio inks and firework mists - all from the FUL store
Dylusions inks - from the FUL store

When your spraying with your mists and inks, dont worry if it looks faint, I thought Id ruined it, it was so light
as it dried.....but Once your inks dry and you paint on a final layer of Mod Podge, over every inch, your colours will come alive!!!!!! I even sprintzed inks and mists over the mod podge as it the colour extra umph!!!!!

Then after i finished my Unicorn Garden I thought hmmmmmm Miss EK, havent scrapped her for a while
so got out a gorgeous steampunky photo Jen had sent me and gave her the FUL Mixed media treatment!!!!!!

isnt she CUTE!!!!!!!!!

I certanly hope you all give this a try, its easy, messy and so much fun!!!!!!!!

Laugh, hug smile and do something crazy everyday
See you round the scrappy table!!!!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Mixed media is a technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition. Muse is defined as a source of inspiration. Now, Flying Unicorn is excited to bring you Mid Month Muse - Mixed Media inspired.

On the 15th of each month we will make available a collection of paper crafting supplies that will sure to inspire and create projects or add to projects that you are or will be creating. Flying Unicorn is looking for you to have fun experimenting and combining various materials for creating art. The items that are chosen will help you discover new styles and techniques. Unleash your passion and lets get creative !

Our creative team let their imagination soar and without further adieu their creations :

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Layers of Vintage

Hello Ladies and welcome to my first post here at Flying Unicorn, Id like to share with you today a couple of layouts I have been working on......

When I saw the graphic 45 paper French Country I loved it at first sight, but wasnt sure what to do with it.
Then my mother had a good idea. She wanted an album with all the photos of our fur babies, past and present in it. This picture is of digger, our rabbit. He is now past, he wondered into our yard one day and stayed. Tiger ( bubbachooka) didnt mind, and they became firm friends.....When Tiger past away Digger sat by his grave for days.Digger is now buried with Tiger, so they are together again.


Graphic 45 French Country pad
Graphic 45 French country Cutout flowers
Graphic 45 sticker sheet


Stickles - Waterfall
Stickles - Lime Green
Stickles - Golden rod


Versa Colour - Bark
Versa Colour - Cocoa

Burlap piece
Left over burlap fragments
Black doilies

Also, I got to play with the new Kaiser Miss Empire range, its Kinda steampunky in a round about fashion,
Once I gave it the Flying Unicorn treatment is was in much better shape!


Kaisercraft Miss Empire Range
Metal Adornments


Versa Colour - Bark
Versa Colour - Cocoa

Lace peice
EK success flower burst punch
ZVA bling
bronze owl from a broken necklace.
2 Butterflies.

I hope you enjoyed my Layouts.....Have a wonderful day and be Fabulous!