Sunday, 26 August 2012


Scrappy Dark sisters, Here we are another month almost gone and I am Late again.......

This month Scraps of Darkness revealed their gorgeous Jamaican Sunset kit filled with luscious summer colours to delight our eyes.

Suepup or Charlotte has provided a gorgeous sketch to tantalise us all

So here we have a couple of my layouts, Firstly, Id like to introduce you to
Tammy and Buffy.

I got Tammy, a Cardigan Corgi for my 7th Christmas. She was such a gorgeous girl and after a couple of years she had a litter of puppies. We kept one of the pups, Buffy a male is on the left in the photo.
Tammy and Buffy came everywhere with us, we used to campand travel Australia for long camping trips and we always took our dogs.....

Then I used my current mixed media course Im taking to inspire the next page
Its of my Little Bella, and her Tiara falling off her little head.....Isnt she adorable...ooops Mum, it fall'd off....I used a stencil from last Months kit and added a little saying: She was a creative soul and knew she was loved!
Bella sure knows shes loved and shes always being creative!!!!!

I have to shout out a Humungus Thank you to Manorhouse Creations for the flowers & paper, they saved my bacon this month.....Thank you Nerrida.
I had a major catastrophe with the postal service and wouldnt be scrapping this month without their input!

Please do yourselves a favour scrappy sisters, check out Manorhouse their flowers & paper collections are to scrumptious to pass up....yummy!

My next layout is of My Handsome Big Man Mr Spike....The treasure of his Momma's heart!!!!!

This one looks better in person ,but the afternoon light had set in....... Here is my Big Man on the bed, giving cuddles!!!!!!!!! No matter where I am he follows and if I go take a "nanny nap" hes right there.....

There was this month a mixed media add on, WOW, it is awesome, and the possibilities are endless...I made this mixed media steampunk canvas using the kit contents.....I called it Time Flies....I love steampunk so bought that theme forward

You wont be dissappointed with this kit.....Its scrumptious!!!!!
check us out at Scraps of Darkness & Scraps of Elegance.....
we have a blog hop coming up....there are give aways!!!!! woohooooooo

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Christy Tomlinson - She art on line course

Ladies and dark scrappy sisters, I have had the pleasure over the last few weeks to hop online and do the She Art course offered by  christy....WOW
I have really enjoyed it and although Im only on week 2, I have a She Art girl first attempt!!!!!

Im so happy with her, I know its my first attempt, but I love it!!!! Cant wait to sink into the 3rd week where we do design and texture and design our own girls.....

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hi Dark sisters, Well I had the absolute pleasure of being teamed up with Miss EK, or Escape Kitty for a challenge over at Scraps of Darkness........I Love Steampunk and when Kitty went back in time to the steam era, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse!!!!!!!
I Love the outfit Miss Kitty........
I have to thank Jennifer Synder for her permission to use EK, and EK's photo in my layout!
EK and Escape Kitty are copyright images used with the permission of Jennifer Synder.

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hello Sisters of Dark Scrappy hollow, I have the most exciting news, I have just received my log in and password for my SHE ART course with the talented christy Tomlinson.....IM SO EXCITED!
I was outa bed at the crack of a sparrow breath this morning with my supply list and off I shot to my local art shop.....well, well, well, couple hundred bucks later..Im ready to roll! Now it doesnt need to cost you that much, but me, I tend to overdo EVERYTHING.... and got me the best of what I wanted!
Plus a whole heap of stuff not on the list....gawd!
Boy can you go overboard in those places.....mixed media heaven......
I cant wait for my classes to start I have access to this course for a full year! stay tuned!!!!!!