Monday, 23 March 2015


Here today ladies to share some of my creations using the March Michelles Mechanical Madness kit....Yep its names after me!
I used some awesome steampunk chippies ( Thank you Meg, from a "Whole Lotta happy") from my stash.

firstly, my Steampunk Queen......using the Gorgeous Steampunk hat! Thanks Meg!

Then comes Ebsolom, the Gorgeous caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

Then there is my Steampunk Guy......again using Scrap FX chippies! from my wonderful friend Meg

and last but not least theres Blue girl......

Stop by Scraps of Darkness, our monthly kits and add ons are to die for!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hello Ladies, 
here today to share the reveal of Scraps of Darkness latest kit....
Michelle's Mechanical Madness.......yes its true, Im Michelle.
Melinda has honoured me by including my name here, and I couldn't be prouder.....
Will you get a gander at the Mechanical goodness in this kit! Its Madness.......( do you like that!)

Every thing a scrap hoarder, I mean booker could want!
This main kit is so Awesome I'm contemplating the biggest Demi
roll in history!

Then we have the awesome add-ons, oh you wont want to miss these!!!!
Co-ordinating paper,

Then we have the paper add on with extra sheets of the main kit paper, for that extra few layouts....

Then there is the awesome embellisment add on......YUM!
Gears - be still my steampunk heart!
and the Signature add on - Colour
 and then the ever popular Creativity add on, where there is Yummy Finnabair
creativity just oooozing from every item!
Oh my lord, Im gonna need a little lay down after this!
Not to be forgotten, the Flora and Fauna add on....

now I ask you, is this not the most Mish kit you've ever seen!
Don't forget to come join our forum on Face Book, you don't have to buy the kits
to play with us, just pop in stay awhile and craft up a storm!

Ok thats all from me, Im off to play, its a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Having recently seen the movie "The Big Year" starring 
Jack Black, Steve Martin & Owen Wilson
I am coming out of the closet re my love of birds!
I have always loved birds, skidded to a halt in traffic
to photograph a bird or duck.....stopped the car to let ducks cross
and all the silly things loving birds entail.

I never knew others felt like me, of course as Id never been exposed to 
another bird lover.....Hen hates birds, his father hated I kept
it quiet.......till now. That movie changed everything.

I want to travel and do a "Big Year". I want to go Birding, finding new species
to photograph myself, not just see in books!

I did my first birding expedition last weekend in my neighborhood.....39 species....
I was pretty impressed, ok nothing compared to Lynne Barber or the guys in the
movie, but 39 in one day was impressive, I never realised that so many birds
were nesting, or hunting in my neck of suburbia.....

my list includes:
~Red tailed black cockatoo~
~common wood duck and ducklings~
( walking along the side of the highway....eeeek, i followed them till they
got to the lake near my house safely.)

~Galah - flock~
~Suplhur crested cockatoo x 4~
~Red Wattle bird~
~Juvenile Pacific Koel~
 ( raised by red wattle bird above)~
~green satin bower bird~
( - in my palm tree!)
 ~Pied Currawong~
~Australian Laughing Kookaburra x 5~
~Australian Magpie~
~Australian Raven - flock~
~Australian common blackbird~
 ~Red Whiskered Bul Bul~
(with young)
~Magpie Lark~
~Black faced Cuckoo Shrike~

I am loving this new found freedom, and have ordered my new Binoc's
and journal to record my visuals.

Ah to be filthy rich and travel the world birding.