Tuesday, 10 April 2012


When I joined the Scrapbooking Fraternity, I quickly found out that Scrapbook.com was where you met the nicest people.....Scouring the pages of layouts there was always layouts that jumped off the page and grabbed you! Well I saw a layout of the most gorgeous Dog id ever seen , besides my own. I had never seen one before.....So I emailed the creator and soon learnt that Gracie was a bearded Collie....and what a gorgeous Girl.....so I asked her Mum Laurie could I scrap her, and I did....This is the result.....I posted it off to the USA....Well it arrived in time for Easter and Gracie sent her thanks....in the most darling way....
Isnt she the cutest fur Baby.......

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  1. I love this one too!! Lucky Gracie!! I love this one too! I'm a sucker for pink...awesome job!!