Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Having recently seen the movie "The Big Year" starring 
Jack Black, Steve Martin & Owen Wilson
I am coming out of the closet re my love of birds!
I have always loved birds, skidded to a halt in traffic
to photograph a bird or duck.....stopped the car to let ducks cross
and all the silly things loving birds entail.

I never knew others felt like me, of course as Id never been exposed to 
another bird lover.....Hen hates birds, his father hated birds......so I kept
it quiet.......till now. That movie changed everything.

I want to travel and do a "Big Year". I want to go Birding, finding new species
to photograph myself, not just see in books!

I did my first birding expedition last weekend in my neighborhood.....39 species....
I was pretty impressed, ok nothing compared to Lynne Barber or the guys in the
movie, but 39 in one day was impressive, I never realised that so many birds
were nesting, or hunting in my neck of suburbia.....

my list includes:
~Red tailed black cockatoo~
~common wood duck and ducklings~
( walking along the side of the highway....eeeek, i followed them till they
got to the lake near my house safely.)

~Galah - flock~
~Suplhur crested cockatoo x 4~
~Red Wattle bird~
~Juvenile Pacific Koel~
 ( raised by red wattle bird above)~
~green satin bower bird~
( - in my palm tree!)
 ~Pied Currawong~
~Australian Laughing Kookaburra x 5~
~Australian Magpie~
~Australian Raven - flock~
~Australian common blackbird~
 ~Red Whiskered Bul Bul~
(with young)
~Magpie Lark~
~Black faced Cuckoo Shrike~

I am loving this new found freedom, and have ordered my new Binoc's
and journal to record my visuals.

Ah to be filthy rich and travel the world birding.

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