Friday, 19 July 2013


G'day scrappers! Mish here, AKA Bubbachooka, Today I would love to share with you a couple of ATC's that I put together
after id finished a canvas and had a little bit of paint and sparkle left over. So rather than wash it away, I used it to knock up a couple of ATC's.....

The first 2 are steampunked up using the Lumiere halo green paint,
and some decorations you can find in the FUL store.....

This next ATC is a little bit different, I decided to make a 3D ATC
and I cut one of the ATC's into a coffin shape, and then
made a hinge and filled it up with a left over halloween decoration from last year.

I first inked the coffin shaped ATC, using pink and orange chalk inks, then I embossed the ATC shape
and used a black chalk ink to highlight the emboss....I used a spiderweb embossing folder.
the black ink gave it the desired highlight effect.
then i decorated it with a cut out from the steampunk spells paper available in the FUL store.
A little spider web ribbon, paper roses and an old left over prima vine, and Viola!!!!!
then I had to fill up my coffin......
I had a left over skeleton decoration, and some cheesecloth for the "mummy rags"
and Billy Bones is ready for action!
I added a bat just cause I had him left over! Looks like he flew in for a nibble
and is leaving! 

Another fun thing I made, purely for my scrap room door is a plaque for my friends and rellies to know what im up to!!!!! ( as if they didnt know)

its a canvas using inks and chipboard and some left over flowers and things.........
I have hung this on my scrap room door! so theres no doubt whos in there and what im up to!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my trip down ATC lane, they are small, quick and easy to make and so much fun!

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