Sunday, 5 July 2015


Here today to share a mixed media piece ive been working on in the background
for some weeks. 
I was cleaning out the closet, and found a Carnivale mask, and a pair of steampunk goggles....

ok Ive got something brewing in the brain.......

I had an old Twiddley bitz frame, that was painted a hideous tangerine colour, that id
discarded, so I grabbed it and wrapped it in Tim Holtz tissue paper....
Then I used Lumiere Paints,
Halo Blue green gold
Antique Brass
and some black gesso....

Then I decorated the frame, using a Finnabair style technique
( i only did one corner, I didnt want to overdo it and take away from her face!)
I embellished the corner and added lace filigree pieces to the other corners.
Then I took the Carnivale mask, ripped off the feathers, and diamontes
and gave it a gold and green halo paint job!
Then I embellished her with gears, lace and the steampunk goggles...( that was tricky,
the goggles didnt fit her face...grrrrr)
I added some exotic golden lace from Februarys Scraps of Darkness kit and a few
Prima junkyard findings.......

So here she is, Metropolis, my Steampunk Goddess!
This photo above is straight on, she seems to look down upon her subjects, 
The next photo,ive taken her photo standing looking up at her hanging on the wall,  
its the best view by far!

Here are some close ups of the frame corner and the inside of her head.

I hope you enjoyed my steampunk frame....Thanks for stopping by....

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