Tuesday, 14 January 2014

WCYDW - What can you do Wednesday

Hello Scrappers, welcome to my WCYDW post.
Today Im going to show you how easy it was to cover the
amazing journal that came in your January kit.
I have coverd mine and given it a sparkly texture look.
This method can be used to do canvas's layouts, journal covers, jewellery
the works.
firstly I took all my products from the kit,

Then I started by applying the drywall tape to the journal
in places here and there

Next step is to Gesso over this. And start to place your decorations.

Then you place all your bling and deco's where you want them to go,

now comes the fun part, glue them down and gesso EVERYTHING!!!!

once thats dry you get to play with your lindys stamp gang inks that came in the kit, you can
also of course use your own inks and sprays to suit yourself.

after inking over my items, and drying it along with my heat tool
I left it to sit for a while, in the sun.....
Now im back to give it a second go with the sprays, to make sure its good and glittery and to catch any spots I might of misted to light.
Now once DryI go over the whole cover with Mod Podge - Lustre....
this sets the colours and gives them a deep rich tone but still lets the sparkle of Lindys
show thru.

While the mod podge is still wet and drying I gave a few quick spurts here and there for added lustre.
not to much just a little.

I wiped off my pink diamond bling piece, I wanted it left natural state.
and viola, your done.
This technique can be used on anything that you can gesso.
I hope yuo enjoyed my Journal cover technique and come along to the journal
challenge in the FUL forum ,so we can start to fill these awesome journals together.
Meow for now

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